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Authentic Halal Lombok Cuisine


Belinjau Crackers

Crispy belinjau crackers served with sambal terasi

SGD 7.50

Tahu Tempeh Goreng

Deep fried spice battered tempeh and beancurd serve with sambal terasi.

SGD 15.00

Bakwan Jagung

Sweet corn fritters served with sweet chilli.

SGD 11.00

Jagung Bakar Pedas

Grilled corn on cob with spice infused butter

SGD 12.00

Onion and Egg Omelette

Trio farm fresh eggs with onion.

SGD 10.00

Tahu Telor

Omelette with fried tofu served with peanut sauce.

SGD 12.00

Gado Gado

Steamed vegetables with boiled eggs, potato, fried tofu, tempeh and rice cake served with peanut sauce.

SGD 9.60

Sate Rembiga

Skewered and grilled 250g of grass-fed premium rib-eye meat marinated in Indonesian spices.

SGD 33.00


Ayam Bakar Taliwang

Grilled marinated half chicken served with authentic Taliwang sambal

SGD 17.50

Ayam Bakar Sambal Golek

Grilled marinated half chicken served with homemade Golek sambal

SGD 17.50

Ayam Bakar Sambal Kicap

Grilled marinated half chicken served with homemade spicy sweet soy dip.

SGD 17.50

Ayam Bakar Sambal Banjar

Grilled Marinated half chicken with Homemade Spicy Indonesian sambal Banjar.

SGD 17.50

Ayam Bakar Rica Rica

Grilled marinated half chicken served with sambal rica-rica infused with citrus and lemongrass.

SGD 17.50

Ayam Bakar Gulai

Tendered chicken simmered in spicy cononut milk Padang-influenced gulai kalio.

SGD 17.50


Bebek Opor

Juicy duck thigh simmered in Indonesian coconut broth.

SGD 24.00

Bebek Goreng Sambal Ijo

Crispy deep fried marinated duck thigh served with salad and homemade sambal hijau.

SGD 19.80

Bebek Bakar Sambal Kicap

Grilled marinated duck thigh served with salad and spicy sweet soy dip.

SGD 19.80


Iga Bakar (Beef Ribs)

SGD 44.00

Lapisan Beef Sambal Rica-Rica

Thinly sliced beef sautéed with homemade sambal rica-rica

SGD 23.00


800gm Grilled Whole Fish

Grilled whole Fish with choice of homemade Taliwang, Golek or Kicap madu sauce

SGD 44.00

Grilled Fresh Squid

Grilled fresh whole squid with choice of kicap pedas or sambal tumis

SGD 25.00

Tiger Prawns Sambal Petai

Sauteed Tiger prawns and petai beans in homemade sambal belado

SGD 25.00


Sayur Assem Soup

Tamarind base broth with fresh corns, carrots, potatoes and tomato.

SGD 13.00

Iga Beef Soup

Rich beef soup with beef ribs chunks, fresh carrots and potatoes

SGD 15.50

Soup Bontot

A hearty Indonesian oxtail soup, simmered to perfection with aromatic spices.

SGD 21.00


Sambal Plecing Kangkong

Blanched water spinach and beansprouts in authentic Lombok plecing sambal and topped with lightly tossed ground peanuts.

SGD 9.00

Kangkong Sambal Belacan

Sauteed water spinach in homemade sambal belacan.

SGD 9.00

Sambal French Beans

Sauteed french beans with homemade sambal and cherry tomatoes.

SGD 10.00

Terung Bakar Balado

Grilled fresh eggplant topped with homemade sambal belado.

SGD 10.00

Broccoli Mushroom

Sauteed broccoli and button mushrooms in bumbu putih.

SGD 10.00

Grilled Platters (For Sharing)

Seafood Platter

Suitable for 4 pax. Ikan Golek Bakar, Udang Belado Bakar, Sotong Sambal, Kupang Banjar. Served with Jagung Bakar Pedas & Steamed Rice. Served with Sambal Taliwang, Sambal Belado and Sambal Kicap.

SGD 98.00

Meat Platter

Ayam Taliwang Bakar, Bebek Ijo, Iga Kicap Bakar & Sate Rembiga. Served with Jagung Bakar Pedas & Steamed Rice.

SGD 108.00

Mixed Platter

Ayam Taliwang Bakar, Ikan Golek, Iga Kicap Bakar, Udang Belado Bakar & Sate Rembiga. Served with Jagung Bakar Pedas & Steamed Rice.

SGD 148.00


Steamed Rice

SGD 1.50

Ice Coffee

Ice Latte

SGD 5.25

Ice Cappucino

SGD 5.25

Ice Black Coffee

SGD 5.25

Ice Americano

SGD 5.25

Ice Mocha

SGD 5.25

Ice Irish Cream Boost

SGD 5.80

Ice Hazelnutty Latte

SGD 5.80

Ice Caramel Coffee

SGD 5.80

Soft Drinks


SGD 3.70

Coke Light

SGD 3.70

100 Plus

SGD 3.70


SGD 3.70

A&w Rootbeer

SGD 3.70

Hot Beverages


SGD 4.80


SGD 4.80


SGD 4.80


SGD 4.80

Hazelnutty Latte

SGD 5.25

Caramel Machiato

SGD 5.25

English Breakfast Tea

SGD 4.20

Darjeeling Tea

SGD 4.20

Earl Grey Tea

SGD 4.20

Passionfruit Tea

SGD 4.20

Peppermint Tea

SGD 4.20

Mango Tea

SGD 4.20

Hot Milo

SGD 4.20

Hot Chocolate

SGD 4.20


EVIAN (500ml)

SGD 4.20


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